Several of us took a group of Boy Scouts up to Vancouver Island, to kayak and canoe Barkley Sound and explore islands known as the "Broken Group." Fortunately another fellow and I decided to pack our fly rods...

From the rocky shores of the island I was able to cast a sink tip line well, and strip a smallish streamer in... Black Rockfish took it time after time! We caught and released dozens in short order. It was a hoot!

One day, paddling a canoe from island to island, I just let a good sized fly, a Clouser (chartreuse & white) troll along behind me. The fly rod was braced between one foot and my knee while I sat in the back of the canoe paddling along. I suppose the fly was about 60 feet behind the canoe - again, on a sink tip line. Ka-Wham! I nearly lost the paddle when a salmon hit the fly. The rod jerked and I saved it from going overboard, barely!

The fight was on. The lad up front kept paddling the canoe ahead while I fought the fish. Dang it was fun! Battle lasted quite a while, and in the end, the big guy escaped when I relaxed a little to try and net him... Phooey. After that experience though - there were others, and several made it to the cooking fire!

Saltwater fishing the area, is a wonderful treat, and it doesn't have to be expensive. Kayaks and canoes can be rented there. Small boats are avail for rent too. We learned to chase the "balls" of baitfish, and strip a streamer through those balls, or near the edge. Salmon hit the fly hard and fast. A strong tippet/leader is a good thing. I used an 8 wt rod, with a multi-tip Rio line and a level 15 lb leader. This combo fished very well.

Streamer type flies, tied on saltwater hooks work well. Fairly heavy is good, you don't want to dally around waiting for your fly to sink when the silvers are slashing at a school of baitfish.

Try it, well worthwhile! Regards, Guy