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Thread: Fishing Books

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    I'm trying to plan my trip of a lifetime but am finding it difficult to find good,comprehensive guide books for Canada and BC. Any suggestions gratefully received here in the UK

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    I can't help with books, but maybe if you just asked some questions and see if the members can help, or maybe sending a PM to Didgeridoo (Nick who lives in Canada) and ask him for some help.

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    Backroad mapbooks. Best books for fishing camping paddling and all the parks and hiking trails etc. Multiple map books per region.

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    Welcome to forum. I don't place a lot of faith in fishing books. There's some good ones and there are some that seem like they were written by someone who doesn't fish but knows someone who knows someone that does.

    You are probably going to get better information from here that most books. Where are you planning on going, what time of year and what are you planning to fish for? Once we get that narrowed down I'm sure the forum members here can provide you with most of what you are looking to find out.

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