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    Default Vancouver Island (Parks Beach) in April?

    It appears I may be spending the month of April in the qualicum/parksville beach area of Vancouver Island. I'd like to do a bit of fishing in the area. What's running/biting that time of year? I won't be able to bring chest waders and such, but I could manage a couple fly rods and some boxes of flies. At home, I target mostly brook trout and smallmouth bass, as well as Atlantic Salmon, and frankly, I'll fish for anything that swims.
    Any and all advice is welcome, including recommendations for reputable/reliable guides/outfitters in the area.
    thanks in advance

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    I'm super late to the party (don't browse this forum often), but in case people search in the future:
    Nile Creek Fly Shop is right in that area and excellent resource. There's a bunch of different types of fishing you can do up there (salmon from the beach, and in the river, trout in rivers and lakes etc...), definitely a cool area to fish!

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    Default Re: Vancouver Island (Parks Beach) in April?

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