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Thread: Hi friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by oscarfly View Post
    I dont know how to Upload Photos... If i click un the image button.. they ask me for a URL....

    So confused.
    Oscar: The forum does not allow posting photos directly from your computer to a thread, due to virus threats. You have two options, you can upload your photos to a photo album that you need to create or you can upload your photos to another on-line source like PhotoBucket. Then you link from either of those sites into the thread using the little yellow rectangular icon at the top of where you type the text in the thread.
    Once you create a photo album using the Gallery Button, and upload your photos, then select a photo, when you have it in full size, scroll down and you will see some text that says "Direct Link", click in the text box and that will highlight the text, then do a CNTL-C to copy the text, then go back to your thread and click on the yellow rectangular icon that will open a new window, click on the text box and then do a CNTL-F to post your link, then click the submit button in that window and it will add the text to your thread. At that point you can scroll down and click the preview button to verify the photo is indeed displayed correctly, if it is then just press the submit button.
    Here is the FAQ on posting photos, that should help:
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    This is a trout.. in a small stream.

    that is the small stream : )

    A little bass...hope you enjoy dudes!!!

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