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Thread: kamloops

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    moose thats what i was thinking, kokonee. those kamloops what i remember have a bright red stripe.

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    You're welcome Jimmie !

    buckwheat, yes, Canada put a toll on
    the Coquahalla until it was paid for from
    my understanding. It was just finished enough
    to drive through to Hope from Kamloops but
    there weren't any rests or side tracks yet...just the highway.

    Good for your 8 year old and shoot, get him a
    vice, hooks and feathers and watch what happens.
    As far as catching the Kamloops where you wind up,
    I'd take a guess and say start with nymphs or
    maybe small leech patterns, even wooley buggers
    down about 6 or 8 ft. deep and strip line in real slow,
    see what happens. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    Well the Kamloops are a rainbow and I see them referred to as redband also.
    Stocks have been moved around North American but the lake dwelling Kamloops
    that you're after could be the originals...kinda makes sense what with the name
    and all. Maybe someone will chime in with more on catching them and such.



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    he doesnt seem to be to interested in tying yet. i just started myself so i wouldnt be much of a teacher. out here we dont have access to any tying classes so its learning to tie by watching videos. in fact i will be tying some today since we are in the middle of a blizzard. looking out the window is like stareing at a white wall, couldnt get to work this morning, bummer its an overtime day. tying flies is more fun than making OT anyway.

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    Tying flies isn't something I do much of anymore but I like tying. For this summer I'm going to try
    my hand at a new blue damsel I saw at a recent
    tying show. Very simple and accurate looking.

    Also for bass I need a rainbow trout pattern but
    something around 8 or 9'' long...seems bass really
    love the planters at my nearby lake !

    What did you tye today?



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    i bought some trout patterns from cabelas a while back that would probably work for you. i used them on the snake in the fall when the browns are on there spawning beds. worked well for that. today i tied up some X caddis, elk hair caddis, and some copper johns. have not had a chance to use any of my flies yet. hopefully this summer i can try them out.

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    I re-read my last post and it sounds like I want
    flies to catch planter trout so I can use them for
    bass bait. Not the case ! Heh, heh ! What I mean
    is, I need some flies for the bass that look like
    the shiny planted RB trouts in my nearby lake.

    Sounds like you're a fairly advanced tyer to me..
    got pics of your work?



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    i knew what you meant by needing some flies for bass that look like little trout. the ones that i bought at cabelas look pretty close to a little rainbow. i wouldnt call myself an advanced tyer, not by a long shot. still trying to get the elk hair to stay on top of the shank rather than rapping all the way around. getting better though. pretty soon it will be time to move on to a tougher fly. the copper johns i still get my spacing all fouled up. they almost look like store bought. i have only been tying since christmas of this year. i would post some pics if i knew how to get them on the page.

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    Well stick with it of course and you'll be fine. Hmmm....about the pictures. Do you have a picture hosting account anywhere? That's the first'
    thing you'd need...then it's easy from there.

    Elk hair on top of the hook...well I seem to remember something about pinching it so it's on
    top of the hook, then start the wraps semi-loose
    then tighten down after the first few...supposedly
    the hair won't flair then. I think they call those
    first few wraps 'gathering wraps'.



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    no, i dont have picture hosting account. i can download pictures on to the computer. is there something different i need to do.

    the last few caddis i tied turned out pretty good, i think. at least the hair was mostly on top. i have always heard pretty flies dont catch fish any way. well mine aht to catch lots of fish. what kind of fishing do you have down your way.

  10. Default Loading pics

    Hello again buckwheat, well you'd need a picture
    hosting website such as which
    is a popular pic hosting site. Open a free account
    and from there it's pretty much self explanatory.

    Once you load pics to the site you will then be
    able to post them here a couple of different ways
    most likely. Here's two methods to show the same pic.

    I've got salmon, steel, freshwater bass, bluegill, crappie,
    yellow perch and trout, then there's the whole ocean
    scene that I have yet to tap into but I want to soon. Ok,
    looking forward to seeing your fly pics !



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