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  1. Default Looking for fresh water near Tofino,BC

    I'll be in Tofino for a week and have a float plane and guide for one day. I could use some input on local fresh water that I could fish for the other days that I'm there within reasonable driving distance of Tofino. I'm strictly catch and release, environmentally careful and will treat the fish well.

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    Default Re: Looking for fresh water near Tofino,BC

    Hi Doug,

    Welcome to the forum. I don't know anything about Tofino. A good source of information may be your guide. He should be able to tell you about some local water. On the way back is the best time to ask.

    The local fly shop would be a good source of information if there is one. The Pacific Rim National Park is right there. There must be streams and rivers in the Park that empty into the bay. Your problem is going to be getting around. I don't think there are a lot of roads in the Park.


  3. Default Re: Looking for fresh water near Tofino,BC

    Thanks so much! I know there are many elevated paths in that area. I'd be very willing to hike into good water.

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