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Thread: GoPro net mount

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    Default GoPro net mount

    Iíve been experimenting with mounting my GoPro to my landing net, right where the handle meets the hoop. Iíd seen this done on a tutorial years ago, but canít find it now.

    The more recent GoPros have voice activation, so shooting the video is a hands-free operation from start to finish. Later, I can grab the best still images from the video - - typically right as the fish enters or leaves the net. I need to increase the frame rate for sharper images, and I need to adjust the angle for optimum foreground/background, but this super-short video will give you an idea of the POV potential:

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    Cool idea, I have been messing with my GoPro and what works best. I wish I had like 2 more of them!!! I usually have mine clipped on my chest pack and I have started pulling it off when I release the fish so I can stick it right next to them. I have thought about using the "quick lock" mounts and putting one on my net/pole just for some in between clips for perspective shots.

    I just wish I could open and close the battery door when its in its case/mount, so I could submerge the camera with the fish as I let it go. I try to capture my whole days fishing (Never know what you might miss) so I have a battery backup that I keep plugged in so I can film for up to 6-7 hours.

    Here's the first little video I put together, gave me some more ideas for the next round.
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