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MoscaPescador 07-02-2009 08:55 PM

Beulah Platnium Series 12'6" 6 Weight Spey
I was to test out a Beulah Platinum Series Spey rod. It was the 12'6" 6 weight 4 piece model. It retails in the shops for $560. This rod is made to target trout in big rivers and summer Steelhead. It would also make a great choice for the "halfpounder" run of juvenile Steelhead and American Shad.

The first thing that I noticed was premium rod like finish. It was clean. The rod guide wraps looked smooth. The rod cork felt like top quality cork. All the hardware (guides, reel seat) were top quality.

What I noticed about its casting was that it has a full flex. I felt it flex all the way down to the cork. I'm used to a stiffer Euro flex, so I had to back off my stroke a tad. Once I got settled, I found the Platinum Series Spey a dream to cast. I fished this rod effectively with 60 foot casts (that's all I needed). I felt positive that I could have thrown 80 feet. The best that I could describe this rod is user friendly.

The line that I used was the recommended Beulah Elixir 380 grain line. It is an integrated Scandinavian shooting head. I used the line with a 15 foot Rio Versileader. I would have loved to try this rod with a 420ish grain Skagit style line to see if it could throw long bombs with heavy payloads.

Bottom line, anyone looking for a softer and more forgiving flex in a Spey rod should look at the Beulah Platinum Series 12'6" 6 weight Spey rod. At $560, it's a quite a value.


MoscaPescador 04-09-2011 12:00 AM

Re: Beulah Platnium Series 12'6" 6 Weight Spey
Update 4/8/11

Just recently, I took one of my customers to the local river to help him with his Spey casting. He bought a 12'6" 6 weight Beulah Platinum Series Spey rod from the shop. I got to cast his rod with a 450 grain Rio Skagit line with a 15 foot type 6 tip.

With 450 grains, the Platinum Series rod bends all the way down to the handle. That load has enough power to lob the head plus various lengths of tungsten tips. It truly has that Pacific Northwest Skagit feel.

This 6 weight Spey is very user friendly. My customer was able to get the basics of the Single Spey down fairly easily. He was getting some consistent 50 to 60 foot casts with good loops by the end of the hour.


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