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vsyogi 08-08-2009 01:30 AM

Sorry just couldn't wait!
I just recently got most of my fly setup at Kmart. So far I've found everything on clearance. A Berkley Cherrywood 8' 6/7 weight $7, a Southbend 1141 Finalist $10, and just recently bought a Scientific Angler wf7f line for $3. So as all of you know all I'm missing is backing to actually start practicing my cast. Lol sorry but I'm impatient, right when I got my fly line today I just went straight to the lake. I had the line in loose wraps in my left hand and started casting in the grass. I felt like I kind of had the hang of it and tried it on the water. I noticed the difference right away, I had a few times were the line would just pile up. Eventually I got the hang of it and my line started to straighten out and my cast got a little farther. Needless to say I still need practice and line backing, one question I have for you guys though is would I be able to use 20 lb braided line or are they completely different types of line?

Frank Whiton 08-08-2009 07:43 AM

Re: Sorry just couldn't wait!
Hi vsyogi,

The 20lb braided line is too small in diameter. I am assuming it is a super braid.

If it is braided Dacron then it is OK. Unless you are fishing for really big fish the backing will never see the water. So for most lake fishing any backing is adequate. Just use what you need to fill the reel plus the fly line. You need to leave some clearance so if the fly line gets on crooked it won't bind the reel.

My answer seems confusing. If you are fishing for big fish that might get into your backing, 20lb Spectra braided line is too small in diameter. If the backing is braided Dacron then the 20lb braid is OK.


peregrines 08-08-2009 03:44 PM

Re: Sorry just couldn't wait!
Yup what Frank said. Go with 20 lb braided Dacron or Micron backing, not the super thin stuff like Fireline etc. The small diameter mono braid lines tend to work their way down between the spool and the reel frame and other wise tend to be a PITA. The reel packaging should have info about how much you'll need with a 7 wf--


vsyogi 08-09-2009 11:09 AM

Re: Sorry just couldn't wait!
Thanks guys wasn't really sure what the difference was, but i'll be going later today to get some backing.

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