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Thread: Fishing Around Estes Park ,CO

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    Im going to be in Estes Park for a few day at the end of the month, and I was curious to know if there was any locals on here to give me info at what im facing as far as flies, lakes, rivers/creeks, fly shops and other stuff in the region, Granted that RMNP is a minute away.

    P.S. Im staying on the Fall River, so any specific info on the fishing there would be awesome.


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    Not a fishing report but two local fly shops that are both excellent!! I may be out there in late July or early Aug myself.

    Fly Fishing with Scot's Sporting Goods - A Fishing Tradition

    Kirks Flyshop - Kirks Fly Shop - Fly Fishing and Backpacking in Estes

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    ksbrowntrout2: The Big Thompson River should be fishing very well, the water is usually very clear and requires stealth and small tippets, but the fishing can be very good and the RMNP has numerous streams and lakes to choose from. I don't know anything about the Fall River but as
    Scott pointed out check with the local fly shops on the current fishing conditions.


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    The Big Thompson below Estes is fishing very well. Early morning till about AM and then again starting about 4:30 pm till dark seems the most productive this time of year. The evening caddis activity is remarkable. From just above Drake to Estes is catch and release waters. Below this area I still find the fishing with flys to be excellent.
    In the park I like to fish Glacier creek starting just below bear lake parking area and fishing upstream as far as you want to go. The upper stretches of the Big T. are fun to fish also. You don't have to go very far before you start catching Greenbacks and the walk in is beautiful without a lot of elevation gain. The park fish are not real picky. A size 16 caddis dry and size 20 PT nymph or a variation of some small nymph will get you a lot of activity.
    In the park I personally avoid the open meadows because of the fishing pressure. I'm a loner when it comes to fishing.
    Because these areas are within an hours drive I find myself fishing there year around almost every week.
    Enjoy your stay!


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    So, if I wanted to catch some greenback cutthroats without a really long hike, where would you recomend I go?

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    Enter RMNP by the South entrance out of Estes Park. Head toward Moraine park and take the Rd on the North side of this park and follow it till it dead ends in a parking area. I believe its called Cascades. From here hike along the Big T. for maybe three quarters of a mile on an easy trail. When you come to a footbridge crossing the river you are now at the beginning of Forest Canyon. From here on all you will catch is Greenbacks.


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