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    Default The Rockies Google Earthed!

    Please delete the thread, others have PM'd me with concern about this.
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    Default Re: The Rockies Google Earthed!

    While I dont argue that Google Earth can be a double edged sword...I love it for fishing and hunting purposes. I have many places marked and noted. Never to be shared....

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    Default Re: The Rockies Google Earthed!

    Unfortunately, I am going to have to agree with Nerka. The high lakes are something I would prefer to keep my knowledge of within a small circle of people I trust, those who have shown they have the guts to check out their own ideas first. Some of the areas I fish would get devastated if their locations fell into the wrong hands.

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    Default Re: The Rockies Google Earthed!

    I'm with you guys on your points. Believe me. I grew up fishing for Golden trout in the high lakes of Desolation Wilderness. This isnt to give away the gems, this is to get the known available and the details we as fisherman feel comfortable sharing. I'm by NO means asking for your secrets because I can guarantee you that I will learn of places that will never make on this list either.

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