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  1. Question Fishing Around Colorado Springs?

    I want to plan a trip back to colorado around the springs and was wondering if anybody had any good suggestions as to what river I should fish. I am willing to spend a few days at the river and will drive atleast 3 hours from the springs in order to find something. So any rivers that I should check whether it be day trips or any places that I should stay at for a few days let me know. Thanks for the input.

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    Hey Curtis

    Try the South Platte river,The big Thompson, and the Arkansas all are within three hours from the Springs Good luck
    Golden Sides

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    Curtis - I would go west and fish the Arkansas between Salida and Cotapaxi....The have a great Mothers day May fly hatch...and you are looking at an hour and a half or so......If you want to go a little farther...and more South....the Rio Grande around South Fork or Del Norte......You can't go wrong with either one......The Rio tends to be bigger bugs in May than the Arkansas.... There is a fly shop in South Fork that can help you out.....tight lines.....Wes

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    I've read a few articles on this dream stream, where is it exactly. I fished once up by eleven mile by the dam but it was snowing and I wasn't prepared as it was my first time, but other than that I am not to familiar with the area. Thanks for all the input.

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    The Arkansas I am talking about is West of Canon City....kinda SW of Colo Springs....Eleven Mile, Spinney and the Miracle Mile of the Platte are kinda west or NW of the Springs toward Hartsel.....Given my choice in May....I would do the Arkansas....if runoff hasn't strted to heavy....I believe there is a fly shop in Canon City that can help you....go to fishing!!!!!

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    The dream stream is on the South Platte near Hartsel. Its the section of river between SPinney and Elevenmile reservoirs. You'll wanna ask some locals about which actual roads to take to get to the parking area for it, as I don't recall the exact ones to take.

    I can say this though, when you get to the parking area, you will think we are mischevious buggers who have led you to a flat valley with no good fishing nearby. Then look around at all the cars and realize that they all must have come to this wasteland for some reason. Make the saunter-hike to the river and then become thankful that your friends on the NAFFF have sent you to basically the finest trout habitat you have ever seen, that also happens to be loaded with trout you've had exciting dreams about. (not THAT kind of exciting, but you know what i mean) You should expect to have some wind to contend with, but its worth it.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Agree with cuttbow and Cliff ... The South Platte would be my choice. It went through some hard times, but this year I understand is going to be a solid winner...


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