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  1. Default Pick One Before You Go

    You've got one day to fish any river, anywhere with ideal conditions... which one would you pick?

    "no matter where you go... there you are"

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    Default Re: Pick One Before You Go

    South Fork of the Snake, canyon stretch!!
    My worst day on the water beats my best day anywhere else hands down!!

    Upstream Anglers and Outdoor Adventures

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    Although it's not in the Rockies, back where I grew up there was a very nice smallmouth river that meandered through cow pastures and old hills. My Uncle and I would spend whole days in the Summer wet wading our way upstream, dodging copperheads in the shallows between beautiful, deep holes filled with fiesty smallmouths and casting crawfish and popper patterns for miles. Then we'd turn around and do it all the way back to the truck.

    Every time I fantasize about the perfect day's fly fishing, that's what I come back to.

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    Default Re: Pick One Before You Go

    The Skeena!

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    Default Re: Pick One Before You Go

    south fork of the anchor river - second half of july.


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    Easy for me. The mouth of Lake Aleknagik, in the first two weeks of July.
    200,000 sockeye heading up river daily is an amazing migration.
    The bows, grayling, dollies, and lakers following the run are only the icing on the cake.

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    Default Re: Pick One Before You Go

    Wading: The Big Hole, middle of October, section of river not disclosed!

    Or floating: the box canyon of The Blackfoot.

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    Default Re: Pick One Before You Go

    I would pick the Norfolk in Arkansas out of the ones I've fished.

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    Default Re: Pick One Before You Go

    I got to say that this list is getting some really good choices. These are all great rivers and more good ones will be named. But like nerka mentioned, you just can't beat some of the Alaska rivers when the Salmon are running. My choice is the Kvichak at the braids. The Salmon runs in the Kvichak run in the millions. Some stopping and much more heading to many rivers feeding Lake Iliamna and the Kvichak. Fishing any of the rivers in this system is fantastic


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    Default Re: Pick One Before You Go

    Tsiu the week after Labor Day...I'll take silvers for a 1 day only gig. I hear it's gotten more crowded lately, but wow, what a little river...


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