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rebel1623 08-11-2009 01:00 PM

Fly in and camp out destinations?
I'm trying to decide whether there are any "cheap" destinations where I can fly into a certain city, walk or take a cab to a nearby river, and then camp out and fish for a few days? This would be a cheap excursion where my only costs would be the plane ticket, fishing license, etc.

There are direct flights to places like Aspen, Missoula and Bozeman which have trout rivers running through them, but is camping allowed along the Roaring Fork, Clark's Fork and/or Gallatin or places nearby? Any other suggestions for places where such a trip could be planned?

mcnerney 08-11-2009 03:04 PM

Re: Fly in and camp out destinations?
There is no camping along the Roaring Fork per say. Up above Aspen hwy 82 enters into White River National Forest and there are campgrounds there, but you would need a car to get back where the good fishing is. Also, I think there are campgrounds around Ruedi Reservoir (above the tailwater Frying Pan) and if you head south out of Carbondale hwy 133 runs along the Crystal River and will eventually enter into the White River National Forest and there are campgrounds. Casper, WY has an airfield and if you rented a car you could access one of the many public access points along the North Platte as the river follows hwy 220 and there is camping allowed at Grey Reef. Pinedale, WY has a runway (don't know about scheduled air service), you would need a rental car, but 10 miles north of town is the Warren Bridge, if you turn onto the gravel road it travels into BLM land and they have 10-12 campgrounds right along the Upper Green River. You could fly into Salt Lake and rent a car and drive over to Dutch John, UT. There are lots of campgrounds in the area and Green River below Flaming Gorge Reservoir has a walking tail all the way from the dam to the first takeout, 7 miles at Little Hole. Excellent fishing opportunities along that stretch, but no camping along the river. Below little hole there are campgrounds along the river on a first come first serve basis, you sign up at Little Hole.


rebel1623 08-11-2009 04:11 PM

Re: Fly in and camp out destinations?
Thanks- I'll likely have to rent a car, but rental rates seem to have gotten steeper lately so I was hoping there might be a bargain-basement trip available.

mcnerney 08-11-2009 04:56 PM

Re: Fly in and camp out destinations?
Another possibility would be to get a group together like Mark has done a number of times, which would be a way to cut your individual costs on rental cars. Here is his web site that shows video of his trip to Alaska with 7 others.


2PawsRiver 08-11-2009 07:02 PM

Re: Fly in and camp out destinations?
You're right Larry. The only way I can afford to take the trips I do is to organize a group together. We did Alaska this time for 2 weeks at about 1300 dollars each, that includes everything. We did Alaska in 2007 same way, 5 guys at 1200 dollar each. Did a 9 day trip to Wyoming with 3 other guys, total cost at 800 dollars each

On the Alaskan trip a good example is the flight into the Upper Russian. The plane is 600 dollars an hour, with is much cheaper split 5 ways.

As for transportation.........the U-Haul was 29.95 a day. Total cost for the two weeks with mileage was aboutg 850 dollars, rental car was 1300, split 9 ways, costs each guy about 250 dollars.

October is a Salmon Trip, then I am done for this year, but am already looking at next year.

I want to start with a spring wilderness rating trip for trout, most likely somewhere in Missouri. Am going to do the Kenai one more time in July, but will plan a couples trip, as my wife wants to go. I am also going to do a mid August Mountain trip, backpacking and fishing similar to the one we did in the Winds, and actually may do the same route, as I think I can do it better the second time.:)

A cheap your price on Priceline for a flight into Jackson Hole Wyoming. Take a rod tube and a backpack. Rent your car from rent-a-wreck. Cheaper yet, use public transportation to get to Pinedale. Stop at the local flyshop and pay a guy a hundred buck to drop you off and pick you up a week later at the Green River. I think I could easily do a one week trip on the Green River for 600 dollars, even on my own.

flyguy66 08-12-2009 01:30 PM

Re: Fly in and camp out destinations?
this would be doable flying in to alamosa, co (san luis valley airport) and fishing the conejos river w/about a 20 mile shuttle or hike down the highway to the river. the shuttle could be arranged easily enough.

same goes for taos, new mexico, to fish the rio grande or red river.

albuquerque, nm, has several good fly fishing options and camping within minutes of town and a major airport.

i'd check some northern california options along the sacramento river and so forth.

and look at jackson, wyoming.

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