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  1. Default Absaroka-Beartooth Backcountry Trip

    I started a thread about the Wind River Range and was thinking about doing the last 5 days of my trip in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. I've read "Fly-Fishingthe Rocky Mountain Backcountry" and received some insight through that.

    I was thinking about entering on the south western end(just inside Montana) and heading east then north following a stream and ending up on the plateau. I wanna fish some good moving water more than I do lakes on this expedition. If anyone could help me with areas to explore it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys,
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    Default Re: Bighorn Backcountry Trip

    How would the SW edge of the Bighorns be just into Montana?

  3. Default Re: Bighorn Backcountry Trip

    Well, I can see why you'd be confused. I meant to write Beartooth but for some reason I just noticed I wrote Bighorn, I have no idea why. So please excuse my mistake.

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