Went up to the Blue on Saturday with a good friend. Pretty cold start to the day. Needed all the cold weather gear for the first hour or so. Winter is almost here in the high country. Finally warmed up in the afternoon, though.

Fished the morning in Silverthorne from the I-70 bridge up to the dam. Flows are down to 72 cfs meaning the fish are gathering in those deeper runs and pools. Fooled a couple along the edges, all small, but the larger fish are in the deeper water (knee deep or more). Nice thing is these fish are so colorful that you can see them and cast to them. They are not all that bashful, but the stealthier you are, the better your chances. We caught six between us, my buddy got the lion's share and the biggest, an 18-inch bow. Most were in the 10-14 inch range. All Bows, fat, and strong.

After lunch we drove down river toward Green Mountain reservoir and found a pull off that only had one car in it - not bad for a Saturday. Found a deeper run and fished both sides. Landed only two fish, but both were over 18 inches. Saw three other fish in this run over 20 inches.

Overall a great day. We tried several fly combinations but the most productive were variations of caddis larvae or emergers trailed behind any typical attractor nymph (GRHE, P-tail, copper john). Took one on the top with a griffith's gnat - size 20. My friend caught two on brown san juan worm. Use plenty of weight and be patient because, as anybody who has fished the Blue knows, that bottom is nothing but rocks. You WILL lose your rig at some point. Be careful wading, too. Slippery right now.

Strikes are so subtle. Don't expect the indicator to stop or to dive. It just slows down a bit and then you have your chance. Took us both a while to get used to this. I am sure I missed a dozen opportunities because of poor reflexes (or I got caught gawking at the beautiful colors in the changing aspens).

Sorry. No photos. My camera fell out of my vest in the truck and we didn't find it until we got home and cleaned things out.

Hope you found this post useful.