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Thread: St. Croix Rods

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    Default St. Croix Rods

    Does anyone have any experience with the St. Croix Imperial Series rods? I'm going to get a 9ft. 6wt. 2 piece and was wondering what others have thought of them.

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    I haven't had any experience with the new iteration of the Imperial, though I've heard good things.

    My father and I both built 4 piece 5 weights on the old Imperial blanks, and I wasn't impressed. Whether they were just poor blanks, or poor rodbuilding on our parts, I'm not sure, but I've heard from multiple sources the older rods were dogs, but a lot of those kinks have been fixed.

    But from my experience, both rods snapped performing rollcasts. Nothing fancy, no "extreme" circumstances warranting the rod's failure- both blanks snapped just below the ferrule of the butt section.

    But as I said, I've heard whatever issues with the old rods hav since been fixed. I'd be willing to give them a chance again.

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    I don't have any of the newer models, only two of the older ones. From what I have heard through some of the shops I've been in, they are selling like crazy.
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    I have a 7" 3wt that is just freat for those small dries like 24 and 26 tricos. Nice feel, gets the fly out there.

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