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Thread: Some Streamers

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    Default Some Streamers

    Just a few pictures of some streamers I've been tying.

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    Default Re: Some Streamers

    I like those light olive cone head zonker types. They would do well for me here. Do you sell these?

    PM to me with prices for them please.


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    You have been a busy, busy boy! Nice ties.
    I have family in Billings. We don't have any fly shops here, so last time I went there I spent a small fortune in the local shops. One of them was a Bighorn fly shop there in Billings. Any relation?

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    Nice batch of bugs there Eric. Are those Sculpzillas I see there with the cone heads that Ard likes?

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    Those are called Slumpbusters and they are killer on the Bighorn. Especially right now. I am tying them for an order a guy had placed for streamers and I thought I would show them off.

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    No relation at all, except I tie all of his Orange Scuds for him. His place is called the Bighorn Fly and Tackle Shop. I'm just Bighorn Flies. He has a nice big Shop and I work out of my extra bedroom. Ha Ha!!!

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    Sex Dungeon has turned into one of my favorites!

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