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Thread: Internet Scouting - Montana

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    Default Internet Scouting - Montana

    Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks :: Montana Fisheries Information System (MFISH)

    I find the county search to be most useful.

    Lets say I want to target large browns in Gallatin county.

    1. Change the county to gallatin on the dropdown menu, change the species to brown trout, and change the lakes and streams to streams only.

    2. Click on fish distribution, population survey's, and habitat measurement.
    2b. Change the population survey date to a recent timeframe. I use jan 09-dec 10.
    2c. click on any other items that might interest you, angling days?

    3. Click on the streams and rivers that you are interested in to find relevant data.

    In this example you can click on the gallatin river. It tells you that near logan the average sized brown trout is 12.2 inches and a large of 25".

    If you click on the madison river a more in-depth fish population survey is shown.

    The survey shows that the section around Norris has the largest average fish, but the Varney section has largest fish, it just has more small fish as well.

    Another use for this site is if you want to target a rare species.

    Start from the beginning, and this time using the species search select golden trout and all lakes and streams.

    This will give you a list of all lakes and streams in montana that have golden trout.

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    2011 Montana fishing newsletter published by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

    2011 Newsletter

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    Default Re: Internet Scouting - Montana

    Very cool!

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    Default Re: Internet Scouting - Montana

    Thanks MT! Good stuff...-Mike

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