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    Default Deckers to Denver

    I'm going to be in the area and head over to Cheeseman Canyon and Deckers from Colorado Springs and then go up to Denver (South Side- Cherry Creek). In any event starting at Deckers- what is the easiest way to get to Denver- driving a regular car? Thanks.
    And- I have both chest waders and hip boots. What is best from Dream Stream? Cheeseman Canyon?

  2. Default Re: Deckers to Denver

    Well, the scenic route would be. From Deckers continue on 126. You will pass the trail head parking for Cheesman Canyon. Keep going on 126, it goes over a couple big hills then drops down to the N. Fork of the S.Platte to the small town of Buffalo Creek. Continue on 126 along the river to Pine and eventually to Hyway 285. Turn right on 285, and go on to I25. From there I don't know where you want to go in Denver.

    The fastest way is go North on 67 out of Deckers for about 5 miles. Look for Hyway 67 to turn right away from the river and continue to Sedalia. Turn left on Hyway 85 North. Hyway 85 North will take you into Denver.

    I've had good luck using Google Maps for directions under circumstances such as yours. You can type in an address as your destination and add stops as you wish.

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