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Thread: More Streamers

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    Default More Streamers

    Click the link below: Streamers slideshow by ravings1231 - Photobucket

    [ame=""]Streamers slideshow by ravings1231 - Photobucket[/ame]
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    Default Re: More Streamers


    I have two words, Beautiful and Prolific!

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    Default Re: More Streamers

    Funny, WOW was the word that came to mind for me also. I hope your tying these for yourself and not to sell cause with that many streamers, it means you get to fish a lot!

    Very nice.


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    Nope, unfortunately they are all sold. That's only about half of them to. I did have a chance to fish some of my prototype Bighorn Peanuts and Dungeons though and they worked pretty well for me, but it was too damn cold to really get into it. I caught 6 fish in an hour and called it good. I was freezing my butt off.

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    I would say bummer, but obviously you making a dime or two or you wouldn't be doing it, and in today's economy, every dime helps. I have been making winter trips myself, only good for 2 or 3 hours myself, then my toes get cold. Ordered some sock liners to see if that helps. Once my toes get cold I am done, I can generally layer everything else good enough to stay reasonably warm.


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    Nice looking flies! Just placed a small order on your site. Looking forward to seeing them.
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    Default Re: More Streamers

    Eric: Very nice looking streamers, good to hear your business is doing well!


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    Just got the flies man thanks, they look good! Can't wait to get them wet.
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    Great i love it.

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    fantastic ties. Those are great streamer patterns.

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