You will enjoy Ennis. As you drive into the Valley there it is breath taking. Very beautiful.

Not much in the way of fine dining or great bars. Try eating at the Bear Claw bar in McCallister. A small town just north of Ennis. Great foods. Also try Enos in West Yellowstone. Great steaks and if the steak isn't cooked right you can only blame yourself as at Enos you cook your own dinner on the massive grill there.

If you are cooking in the cabin. Go to Restvedt & Son Meat Market in Ennis to do your meat shopping. Tell Glen or Al that you want some of the Aged porterhouse steaks that they hand cut and keep in the back for special customers. They are not to be missed! Grill them with a little cowboy rub and it's as good as it gets.

If you want some great entertainment go to the Brewery Follies in Virginia City. VC is just over the hill west of Ennis. I lived most of my youth near Broadway in NYC and the follies in VC are as good if not better then anything I ever saw on Broadway.

Oh and enjoy the fishing! Try just below Ennis lake it has always paid off for us. Also the section between the lakes just upstream of Quake lake on the upper Madison.