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racine 01-15-2010 11:28 PM

Yellowstone Lodging Choices
I did a search for lodging choices for the area but I'd prefer to stay inside YNP and be close to Slough Creek, the Firehole, and West Yellowstone. Has anyone who's fished here got preferences as to whether Roosevelt or Canyon Village have advantageous access for lodging? I stayed at Old Faithful Inn last time but found it a long drive to Slough Creek not to mention that the rooms were dark and you shared a communal bathroom. Any input would be appreciated. The time slot would be for early August so I'll miss the Salmon fly hatch but oh well. I would like to explore wading the Madison and the Gallatin so that's part of the consideration. I won't do a guided trip this time unless I get a buddy sharing the float with me.

dmwphoto 01-16-2010 04:13 AM

Re: Yellowstone Lodging Choices
I am interested in the responses here also. I am thinking of putting a trip together too.

tonysav 01-17-2010 07:53 AM

Re: Yellowstone Lodging Choices
I'm interested please post info as soon as you can.

carlbrooke 01-17-2010 08:49 AM

Re: Yellowstone Lodging Choices
I would strongly recommend not staying in the park. The lodging is more expensive and the quality is below average as you found at the Old Faithful Inn.

One cool place to stay is Hibernation Station. You get your own free standing cabin. They are packed in tight to each other, but there isn't anyone on the other side of the wall. Also services are nearby, like restaurants and Fly Fishing shops.

A very cool local spot just north of West Yellowstone is Enos. It is a bar/restaurant with great steaks. The fun part is you cook your own steak on the massive grill while talking to the other diners who are cooking there steaks. Very social and laid back. If your steak isn't prepared just right, you have no one to blame but yourself.

In Montana you get used to driving long distances to get everywhere. Stay in West Yellowstone and get a season pass to the park. Drive where you want to be and be happy.

racine 01-22-2010 04:55 PM

Re: Yellowstone Lodging Choices
Thanks for the tips Carlbrooke. I'll use them this summer. BTW, the rooms at Old Faithful were okay, just dim and warm without AC but then this is a National Park so I just opened the windows. What I did not expect was that the restaurant had great, restaurant quality food. It was consistent and modestly upscale with good choices that I never got tired of eating there all 3 meals. I have to say the whole experience was wonderful, rustic and memorable like it should be. I just think I was too far away from the NE section of the park.
Thanks Again,

bigskyangler 02-21-2010 11:25 AM

Re: Yellowstone Lodging Choices
If you are going to fish the NE corner of YNP you want to stay in Gardner Montana. It is about a 45 minute drive to Slough, has numerous hotels and is a much closer drive then West Yellowstone. If you are going to fish the Gallatin and Madison, I recommend Big Sky or West Yellowstone. Big Sky is right on the Gallatin, and is an hour drive to both the Yellowstone and Madison. Buck T4 has great affordable rooms and Lone Mountain Ranch offers great guides and more upscale lodging.

1tun 08-15-2010 08:26 AM

Re: Yellowstone Lodging Choices
I always stay at Roosevelt lodge. Better make reservations online, though.

racine 08-19-2010 08:01 PM

Re: Yellowstone Lodging Choices
Just a quick affirmation to those recommendations. I did stay for a couple of days at Canyon. The accomodations were fine in the cabins as you had your own shower vs. a community one at Old Faithful. My only complaint was that the 'cafeteria' had pretty mediocre food. The restaurant there had bad service, long lines for dinner but an average buffet breakfast. The breakfast nook was fine with quick service. I do remember that Roosevelt had great dinners when I was passing through but I did not eat there this time. It was about 30 minutes to the Slough Creek parking so faster. I also stayed in West Yellowstone which was about 40 minutes to the Gallatin and it had a plethora of restaurants and service. Thanks again for the many suggestions that I'll use next time.

Fly2Fish 08-20-2010 12:42 AM

Re: Yellowstone Lodging Choices

Will be interested in your experience up there (& any bear experiences you have, since from what you've said earlier, you're as ready for them as you can be). I'm going up myself in late September but since I "enticed" my wife along with me, the price for that was an upscale place with a spa near Jackson.

P.S. - Re bears, still considering carrying my Desert Eagle .44 automatic. Would have gotten the .50AE interchangeable barrel, but availability of that looked doubtful for my trip.

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