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Thread: Cedar Lake (near Big Sky)

  1. Default Cedar Lake (near Big Sky)

    I previously lived in Big Sky, MT for a couple years and never had the opportunity to hike to Cedar Lake up in the "crater" of Cedar Mountain (SW of Lone Peak). I believe it was historically stocked and a number of people told me about some very large cutthroats up there. Has anyone fished up there and, if so, where is the trailhead (assuming you can't go through Yellowstone Club property)? I ask because I'm headed back out there for a week this summer.

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    I have never fished it.

    The link provided is from montana fish wildlife and parks. It says to take trail #344. I would imagine if you gave a call to the Bozeman FWP office, (406) 994-4042, and ask where trailhead #344 is located they can give you directions.

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    it used to be kinda a hush thing..............but since the cats out of the bag. The trail head is just out of ennis you go to cameron then take the dirt road straight till it takes a 90 degree right and you take the sketch road left to the parking lot. Its not like there is alot of them, and not likely you will catch one for a 12 mile round trip. Cool place though. Maybe camp a few days.

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