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  1. Default Cheeseman Canyon 6/03/10

    Great day down in the canyon, despite the crowded pools up front. I hiked a ways back and landed three, nice rainbows out of a big pool. Two on a pink san juan worm and one on a #20 Adams in the slack water on the edge of the pool.

    Moved down stream into a narrow chute that always holds 3 or 4 big fish and spent 30 minutes attempting to get the perfect drift to a 20-ish inch fish. Finally hit it just right and hooked up, but he bored his way down river as I attempted to scramble up and over rocks all of which ended in a stalemate when he buried himself in a hole under a submerged boulder and I was forced to break him off.

    I caught two more fish, including my first cuttbow on the Platte, one each on a pink nuclear egg and a #20 Flashback RS2 respectively.

    If you're headed down, be sure to bring some Adams 18-20 (there were consistent hatches all day, but only sporadic rising), pink san juans and something with a green flash back (RS2, Rainbow Warrior, etc.) and focus on the edges of deep runs. As usual on the Platte, dead drifts and plenty of split shot to hit the bottom are essential.

    Tight lines.

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    Great report. Glad to hear you had a good day in the Canyon. Most of the reports I've been reading on other boards are speaking of the skunk. I haven't been in the Canyon since Fall. I need to get down there before runoff starts. The Infamous Pink Worm is a great pattern. Yellow stones have been the fly de Jour at Deckers of late.
    Good job.

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    Default Re: Cheeseman Canyon 6/03/10

    farcefiasco: Thanks for posting the great fishing report, and it is good to hear you had a great time on the water!


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    Question Re: Cheeseman Canyon 6/03/10

    Did you mean 03/06/10? But since you mentioned it, I'll be visiting my in-laws the first 2 weeks of June and hoped to get some fishing in. Last July I fished the Eagle in Edwards and I disappointed myself and my buddy(who is a crack fisherman). It felt like someone dumped chemicals in the water and we had 2 fish for a whole morning?!? I'm thinking with the snow runoff in early June, where should i venture??? The Eagle and many mountain rivers will be muddy still then. BTW, is Cheesman still like grand central during the weekday? Thanks.

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