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  1. Default Idaho canoe fishing

    I just invested in 16'6" Bell Northwind to fish from. I sure would like to hear from other Idaho fly fisherman that canoe. I have a really nice pontoon boat but am tired of the whole set up chore. I like the stability of the pontoon boat but I think I can get the same thing with outriggers on the canoe. The other thing is that I can stay dry and bring a lot of stuff with me if I want to camp.
    I would love to hear from any Idaho, California or Nevada canoe enthusiasts.
    I need to hear about your thoughts and experiences.

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    Default Re: Idaho canoe fishing

    Not sure I have a lot to offer other than I have a canoe, a fly rod, and live in Idaho. I just got the canoe this winter, tried it out at Brunea Dunes on Sunday, but didn't get any fishing in. Going to take it to Crystal Springs tomorrow. I've fished Crystal springs from inflatable kayaks with great success, so I'm hopeful about the canoe. Later I'm planning on Daniels, Chesterfield, maybe Oneida Narrows. My son is trying to convince me to carry it in to Bloomington Lake, but the jury is still out on that one.

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    Let me know how you do? I will be picking up the canoe this week and trying it out on Dierkes Lake very soon. I live in Buhl by the way. I bought a Bell Northwind 16'6". I jsut need a life jacket and paddle. I picked up a like new aluminum lumber rack for my truck which will work great for carrying the boat.

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    Default Re: Idaho canoe fishing

    I'm in Poky. Still haven't figured out how I'm carrying the canoe on the truck. Lumber rack would be awesome, but a bit rich for my blood. It would be easy if I had a shell on the truck, but I don't. I'll probably cobble something together.

    If you don't know much about canoeing, stop by your local scout office and grab a copy of the canoeing merit badge book. All the important stuff, less of the fluff. Most important strokes are J, then Draw. I also use a sculling stroke a lot for fine maneuvering, though I'm amazed at how few people know it. (You can probably just google these, they aren't tough but require a bit of practice to get good at.)

    If you're fishing solo, sit in the bow seat and face backwards, you'll get a better weight distribution that way and it will be easier to stay on course. (The bow seat is the one that's farther from an end.) The down-side of a canoe is that they tend to catch the wind - they can be tricky to manage solo in moderate wind.

    For a paddle, I'd start out with a cheap plastic one, or whatever is on sale at your local shop. You can upgrade later easily and the plastic will be a good spare. I like one that comes up to my nose in length. Life Jacket fit is more important, given that you'll likely be casting in it.

    That's all the canoeing tips I have at the moment. We're off to Crystal springs in an hour or so.

  5. Default Re: Idaho canoe fishing

    Let me know how it goes.

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    I picked up the lumber rack for $200. I priced canoe racks etc and could do it for a little over $150. This aluminum lumber rack however looks good and gives me room for other stuff as well. I have a short bed 1/2 ton Dodge. It will come in handy for carrying long items as well. The rack was made for long bed PU but the extra length will work even better with a long canoe.

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    Default Re: Idaho canoe fishing

    Well, we had a great time, but the fishing was slow. Will (11) caught a nice one, I'm guessing about 12 inches. My wife got a solid bite, but it shook off the hook before she could land it. I spent most of my time paddling but did get a bit of time in with a wooly worm to no avail. There was a guy with a float tube that seemed to be doing pretty well though.

    Looks like I've got a line on a rack for the canoe. It's a sturdy light rack that I'll put at the tail of the truck, then use a couple of foam blocks on the cab. The rack will set me back about $50.

    Tomorrow we're taking a break from fishing to go scout out the spring turkey hunt.

  7. Default Re: Idaho canoe fishing

    With the wind and weather the way it is, the next few days may not be the best time for canoeing.
    I went on You Tube and found all kinds of instructional videos on paddle stroke, selection, outfitting etc. I am getting amped to go go but it won't be until next week some time.
    You will have to let me know when you come in this direction again and maybe we can meet.
    My email is:

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