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countr21 03-19-2010 09:40 PM

South Boulder Creek, what is this?
I hiked the Walker Ranch Loop just west of Boulder on March 16th and 18th. I also fished South Boulder Creek for a couple of hours both days and ran into a great midge hatch and the browns and rainbows were rising everywhere. I am not an experienced fly fisherman so I don't know the names of the flies I used, but I used two. Both were drys. One looked like a mosquito (black) and the other looked just like a few midge bugs I caught bouncing around on the water (gray). I incl a picture of it.

I caught one nice Brown, but mostly I just hooked into smaller Rainbows. All of the Rainbows I caught looked like the one in the pictures. Is this a cutbow? All Rainbows I've caught in the past always had silver sides. This Rainbow almost looks like a Cutthroat with a red stripe running down the side. What kind of trout is this exactly?

yatahey 03-20-2010 07:34 AM

Re: South Boulder Creek, what is this?
Welcome to the forum. The trout in your pictures are rainbows. They range in color from silvery sided to dark green with dark spots like the ones you caught with the tell tale red side stripe.
I'd forgotten how pretty that area around Boulder is. Great report thanks.

gjcordray 03-20-2010 09:10 AM

Re: South Boulder Creek, what is this?
Welcome to the Forum. Sounds like a fun day. Do you have to stay on the trail on the Walker Ranch loop, or can you follow the stream? What other portions of S Boulder Creek have you fished? My daughter is going to school at CU and I would love to take her out one day. I have never fished this stream, but have often wondered about it.


countr21 03-20-2010 11:10 AM

Re: South Boulder Creek, what is this?
There are two trailheads fairly close to South Boulder Creek. Crescent Meadows trailhead is on Gross Dam Road (accessible from Coal Creek Canyon) and South Boulder Creek trailhead is on Flagstaff Road (about 7 miles from Chautauqua Park in Boulder). Both trailheads are about a 1.5 mile hike to the creek and then there is a faint trail that runs along the creek for a mile. It is the only part of the creek that is public. All other sections are on private land.

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