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  1. Default RUBY River (MT) fishing access... how is it?

    Hi everybody!

    I am planning a fly fishing trip to MT next August (2011)... A friend who lives near of Billings has mentioned that fishing access is a problem...but I have have ALSO read thatīs the issue with the land owners had been solved some years ago and flyanglers could get to the river by any bridge that cross the river(????)...

    So, does anyone know how is it nowadays???


    Alex (from Brazil)

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    Default Re: RUBY River (MT) fishing access... how is it?

    Alex: I haven't fished the Ruby so I can't provide specifics. However, in Montana the public can wade in the river as long as they stay below the high water mark, but that doesn't mean you have the right to cross private land to get to the water. You would have to access the water from public points like bridges, public land like national forests or BLM land, or public fishing access points (boat ramps, etc). I have no idea, but maybe the issue is that there are long stretches on the Ruby that are all under private ownership, but I'm sure some of the Montana members will chime in and provide specifics.


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    Default Re: RUBY River (MT) fishing access... how is it?

    Larry is right-anyplace you can access a river from public property is good. Including bridges,etc. And you do have to stay below high water mark but thats it in a nutshell......FYI-think you can even climb fences if they are off a bridge from a public road.

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    Default Re: RUBY River (MT) fishing access... how is it?

    (This should probably be in the Rockies Section)

    There's a far amount of public access to the Ruby.

    There's one crossing I know that caused a lot of problems, I'm sure the fishing there is good, but to me, it's not worth it for those places. Go up closer towards the dam, and there's no issues at all.

    And as much as I like to fish it, if I was coming from Brazil.. I would skip it. There's too many other rivers to fish: Beaverhead, Big Hole, Jefferson, Madison - just to mention a few that you probably had to drive by/over to get to the Ruby.

  5. Default Re: RUBY River (MT) fishing access... how is it?

    Thanks for your replies!

    Indeed Iīll spend 5 days in MT...I will stay 3 days in Bozeman and the last 2 days in a resort by the Madison.

    I want to "visit" the East Gallatin (on the first day), the Upper Yellowstone, the Upper Gallatin, and the Madison. I prefer to walk&wade, but maybe Iīll drift some day(s).

    So, about the RUBY RIVER itīd be an option for the last day... JUST and an option to KNOW another river... I could also consider a SMALL CREEK for wading, some small tributary of the Madison (???).


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    Default Re: RUBY River (MT) fishing access... how is it?

    There's the famous Paradise Valley spring creeks about 40 minutes east of here.

    DePuy is my favorite, but I haven't fished Armstrong before.

    When you say Upper Gallatin.. how 'upper' do you mean?

    It's pretty nice from the very 1st time it gets close to HW 191 for many miles, until it finally gets out of the mountains - it still fishes very well until it's end, it's just not as scenic.

    There's a number of small feeder streams and creeks along it's path.

    Sorry - Madison to me - is just the Madison. I can't give you any ideas for feeders to that.

    The Jefferson isn't too much further than the Ruby - you might research that a little.

  7. Default Re: RUBY River (MT) fishing access... how is it?

    The ruby Fishes well. The problem is there is only a few access on the river and it is crowd in the summer especially for the amount of water. I fish those spots in the dead of winter. As far a bridges go you can hop off but the land owners in the area are not kind. When I go bridge hopping on the ruby I often have the land owners or hired men cruise the road back and forth waiting for me to get out of the high water mark wit hcan be tough to stay below because of sharp deep holes off banks. I've had several freinds get busted by landowners with a telephoto lens on his camera. It's a risky trip but can be worth it.

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    I agree with hayden There is so much to hit up in the area if you haven't come out before I'd look to somewhere else besides the ruby not worth the hassel if your only out here five days

  8. Default Re: RUBY River (MT) fishing access... how is it?

    I really like the upper ruby, but it can be busy on weekends too. If its a tuesday, I would hit it I love smaller walk wade areas. If you are looking for any fish in something smaller try hyalite creek lots of brooks. There are some small creeks out of the east gallatin.

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    Default Re: RUBY River (MT) fishing access... how is it?

    In Montana there are numerous FAS(fishing access sites) along all rivers. they are sign posted and easy to spot.

    there are several between Alder, Mt. down to confluence Beaverhed and up to Ruby River resevoir. any good road map will list them as well at P-W brochures.

    it is freestone above resevoir. you travel thru about 15 miles private land with little to no access until you reach BeaverHead forest boundary. from there you have a 50 miles of access to Ruby and its tributaries. this would be small water in normal year. you can even drive forest roads up and over to come down to Madison river.

    there is one particluar FAS, about a mile in river length, right below dam. this is tailwater and would be easy to access and therefore crowded on good fishing days.

    like every other river, the Ruby is running histrocially hi as we speak and should be fishable from reservoir down to confluence BH much later in season than normal. usually irrigation takes its toll as you move downstream towards Twin Bridges from resevoir.

    any fly shop in Twin Bridges will have the latest info.

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    because of historically high rivers and slow melt off, it may be that rivers that you could normally walk/wade will be too high.

    i am particulariy thinking of madison at ennis or gallatin near bozeman.

    i usually walk/wade these rivers, but stream flow precludes that as of today, and from what i can discern water levels may be too high even in late summer. there is still a ton of snow in mountains.

    drifting will be good...but if your restricted to walk/wade i would seriously consider streams inside of yellowstone national park or the smaller freestone streams like the Ruby.

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