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  1. Default Colorado Reports for April...

    so far.

    On tax day I visited a favorite canyon. One that is a difficult place to fish but makes up for it with it's shear beauty.

    Spring comes slow this high up and one of the first welcome signs that spring is near is the Pasque flower. The site of this one brought a smile to my face, and thoughts of dry fly action soon to come.

    It was a long slow day of little love from the fishes, but finally, as the sun was about to draw over the ridge and signal time to start the hike back to the parking lot, my indicator paused ever so slightly in the tail out of the deep run I had been prospecting. Hook set it was game on.

    The cutbow had fallen prey to a #22 miracle midge I had recently tied with a red wire rib as a substitute for the usual copper wire. Turned out to be a real nice day.

    May 4th
    I was getting antsy to get out and fish this day but the wind was howling and two of my favorite tail waters were un-characteristically off color, one due to the reservoir turning over, the other a victim of a muddy flowing feeder creek.
    There was a little spot at a campground not far from here that I had fished only once before, due to the fact that it is a "put and take" section of river that gets a lot of pressure during the season. Being only April I thought I'd go see if I could find a few of last years left overs.
    Nymphing was tough but did produce a couple bows in the 10" range. They put a nice little fight and put a smile on my face.
    I had the whole river to myself, except for one spin fisherman I saw pass by on his way down river from me and he was soon out of site.
    Seeing the spin fisherman got me thinking about streamers so I tied on a black wooley bugger and started chucking it up and across to the opposite bank. Two casts and bang. About every 3-4 casts would produce another little bow. That was a nice little run.

    May 5th
    A friend of my was wanting to hit the Arkansas so we made plans to check out the status of the famous Mother's Day Caddis hatch.
    The weather was classic Colorado, low 60's and lazy drifting cumulus clouds. Down low there along the river the trees are getting there leaves and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
    We drove up river from Canon City till bugs started hitting the wind shield, then pulled over and rigged up.
    There were few caddis in the air so we tied on some pupa and larvae to start our prospecting.
    I hit pay dirt first with a 14" wild brown that took a La Fontaine sparkle caddis pupa #18.

    About this time Steve tied on a gray bodied para adams to toss at a pair he saw rising just behind the cover of a large rock close to shore. Two casts and fish on.

    We moved up river a ways to the head of a beautiful run, fed by a nice wide riffle. I tied on a black foam body elk hair caddis with a light tan wing and started offering to several rise forms at the very tail of the riffle.

    We enjoyed about 45 minutes of non-stop dry fly action before it finally shut down. I love it when caddis season comes around.
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    Default Re: Colorado Reports for April...

    Great pictures. Thanks for the wonderful report. We are heading up to the Ark this weekend. Hope to get a few on top as well. Nice bow in the canyon. Beautiful colors and size as well. Can't beat that.

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    Default Re: Colorado Reports for April...

    Yat: Looks like you were having way to much fun! Great fishing report and awesome looking photos, congrats!


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    Default Re: Colorado Reports for April...

    Great report Yat....Can you call me next time you go there?

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    You didn't happen to take a stream temperature at the Arkansas did you? I haven't been here for it yet, but I was told the caddis will come in full bloom once the water temps get above 50.

    Nice reports. Looks like we're fishing in the same neck of the woods.

  6. Default Re: Colorado Reports for April...

    Didn't take a temp but there are lots of caddis in the air and the bushes.
    Best place for Ark updated reports is Fly Fishing Stores in Salida, Buena Vista andPueblo Colorado - Arkansas River Fly Shop, ArkAnglers Guide Service
    They are saying mid 50's temp. Good luck and thanks.

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