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    Default My sone Chase and his new fly rod

    My son Chase won a nice fly rod at the Fly fishing expo, so I took him to where I know he'd catch some stockers....and boy did's so cool to watch you child excel in a sport you enjoy.....and then I guess he has been watching me roll cast...i have not taught him yet but there he was..roll casting....and catching trout...dry's were the ticket....cream caddis with some flash was the if you have kids and want to see them with a fish on....I'd suggest Island
    if I'm not here...I'm on another line...with a fly on the end..

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    Default Re: My sone Chase and his new fly rod

    flytyer_neal: That was great seeing a photo of your son getting into fly fishing and catching fish had to make his day! Congrats!


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    Default Re: My sone Chase and his new fly rod


    What a joy you must have felt seeing that. Congrats. Your son has been paying attention to the important lessons. I hope to teach my grandson's the same.

    Best Regards, Boser

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    Default Re: My sone Chase and his new fly rod

    Hey Neal,

    Getting a youngster hooked to a fish will do more to encourage one to learn than anything else I could ever think of. My first cast (with a CP Swing) hooked a rainbow trout and I never looked back, I went full ahead and still at it.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: My sone Chase and his new fly rod

    Hi flytyer_neal,

    I wish someone had helped me at that age. My Grandpa was a fly fisher but he was killed when I was nine. Nothing gets a new fly fisher going like catching fish.


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    Default Re: My sone Chase and his new fly rod

    Great stuff Neal, that's great to see. I'm sure you're real proud of him.

    Chase looks like a real pro in that pic!

    Congrats to him for winning the rod--- and for having a great dad.

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