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  1. Default Looking for a contact in Denver

    My wife and I are looking to fly into Denver, then make our way a couple hours west. I was thinking Grand Lake and then doing a 5 day hike in the area, catching part of the Continental Divide. Looks like there is some good access to streams and lakes and a moderate trail with some options that could put us in the 15-20 mile range.

    Just trying to keep costs down, not cheap, just poor., and I hate to rent a car just to have it sit for a week.

    Looking for some input on Public Transportation. Is there a bus system there we could catch from Denver out to Grand Lake, then back.

    Anyhow if there is anybody in the area that has some info on transportation options as well as the area itself I would appreciate it.

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    As a follow up to my original post, I spoke with the chamber of commerce in Grand Lake and there is no public transportion and only one shuttle....."Home James" to the tune of $85 each one way. It would run us 340 dollars to shuttle back and forth. I'm thinking I might be cheaper to get a rental car.

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    Default Re: Looking for a contact in Denver

    Hi 2PawsRiver,

    I know you spend a lot of time planning your trips. If you rent a car have you considered coming in on the East side of the park. Somewhere off of highway 7. Maybe Wild Basin Trail Head or Glacier Gorge Trail Head. I have not been there but it looks like more water from those areas. I noticed that there are a lot of restrictions on some waters. Some are catch and release so you can't count on eating fish at those locations. Some don't allow fishing.

    I will be looking forward to you report.


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    Default Re: Looking for a contact in Denver

    2PawsRiver: Sent you a PM


  4. Default Re: Looking for a contact in Denver

    Just wanted to thank everybody for their input, PM's and offers of help.

    My wife has changed my mind........well it's her trip anyhow. I am always taking off somewhere so I told her June would be her month and we were looking over a number of options.

    Intially we were looking at loop in West Virginia, then the loop west of Denver, but another alternative was riding a Harley in Southern Arizona and California, combining that with a trip into Mexico, she's never been, and some day hikes to different spots.

    Looks like it will be I will have to start another thread because I am still hoping to catch a fish or two.

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