My wife and I have a Mid July trip planned to Yellowstone. Along the way we have planned stops at the San Juan, Gunnison (just below the dam), Green River (UT), 4 days in Yellowstone (Probably fishing the Yellowstone river below the lake, Gibbon/Firehole & Slough Creek), and on the way back, stopping at The Miracle Mile and/or Grey Reef.

We will be wade fishing the entire trip, so which would be better to wade fish, the Grey Reef or the Miracle Mile?

Also, has anyone tested Allen & Co's new fly rods? I'm in the market for a 9' 5wt for the trip, and was looking at Albright (TW, GPX, A5), Echo (Solo & Carbon), and Grey's G series. I'm old and tend to like to roll cast. Any advice?