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Thread: video for the river run off blues

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    Default video for the river run off blues

    I am already tired of the run off. Even though I am sure that this is just the start...

    I thought I would post a video from last year fishing on the Madison, this at least made me feel better.

    It's always worth the wait.

    (my fathers commentary can be so amusing)

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Montana Rainbow Trout jumps 4 times‬‏[/ame]

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    Default Re: video for the river run off blues

    Thanks for sharing, that was fun to watch. It made me wish that fly fish was an interest that my father and I shared, then again if he hadn't introduced me to fishing I may have never discovered I had interest in it at all.
    -Tom Wilson
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    Default Re: video for the river run off blues

    Man, over the last two days I drove from Missoula to Helena - the Little Blackfoot is a torrent, down to Bozeman via Townsend - upper Missouri huge, then to Red Lodge where the Yellowstone is ready to bust everywhere! Rock Creek came out of it's bank and flooded 212 in Joliet yesterday. On the way back west today, a little feeder blew out a culvert and closed eastbound I-90 at Sulpher Springs. There was 2 feet of water on the interstate. All the way back to Missoula, standing water and swollen rivers. There is so much snow in all the ranges still. This is gonna get ugly.

    What I like best about this video, besides the reminder that, yes, the rivers will be clear and wadeable again, is the quick, clean release that your dad make on the fish! I am so sick of videos of people holding fish in front of the camera while talking about the catch, the fly, the water...July can't come soon enough.

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