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notenuftoys 06-05-2011 11:53 PM

Headed to Durango in August
It's settled - we'll be spending a week in Durango in August. We rented a condo at DMR for the week, and I'd really like to explore some small streams north of Durango and in Silverton area, as well as some of the high lakes.

We'll be spending a day or two on Jeep trails (much to my wife's chagrin we're driving my Jeep up there!), and my thought was combining a few days of Jeep trails, hiking, and fishing.

Right by DMR is Cascade Creek, Lime Creek, and East Hermosa Creek. I've fished Cascade Creek before, 2 years ago when I was just getting addicted to fly fishing. Wonderful small brookies in that stream, but what about the other two?

And are there any lake recommendations, or do they pretty much all have some trout in them? What about Kite Lake (or the others in that area), and Clear Lake? These are reachable on Jeep trails, that's why I mentioned them.

Any other spots that just have to be fished? I know the Animas right in Durango is accessible (just gotta watch the rubber hatch), but what else around that's not a long drive?

60011006 07-15-2011 05:29 PM

Re: Headed to Durango in August
fishing durango area right now

i think you may be able to fish animas right in town..water levels good but dropping

in as re: mountain streams.....lots availble but small fish. most running well.

get "kip karey's colorado fishing guide"...describes every fishable stream, creek and lakes in san jauns. in detail. invaluable.

durango pub library has copy entire 'southwestern colorado' and u will have the definitive guide

i fished lake lemon and lake vallecito...both productive

also consider east and west forks san jaun river above pagosa springs.
water levels on main san jaun in town probably too low by august.

san jauns got averge snowpack, so other than late start they are in usual condition. on the other hand other mountains have way above average snowpack and late run-off so in terms of water they will be perfect for august.

gunnison river got late run-off so may be in great shape.

see duranglers website for the majors

texastroutbum 07-15-2011 07:06 PM

Re: Headed to Durango in August
I just came back from Pagosa springs and fished from part of San Juan river back of the Orvis fly shop and had a great day. I have been nymphing and like many people told me Phesant tail and prince were effective flies.

Bellow is a Bow about 17 inch that I fought for 5 mins. It had quite a shoulder.

60011006 07-15-2011 08:14 PM

Re: Headed to Durango in August

i was on dolores, main, west and lower last couple days

upper..that is main fork along c145 up to rico and west fork from dutton down to the town of dolores running great

fished lower dolores below macaphee dam......tons of hatch and lots of rising fish...tuff adversaries though...not much luck

branjg 07-16-2011 08:12 AM

Re: Headed to Durango in August
If memory serves me right, Kite lake is on stony pass north of silverton. I dont know of anyone having any luck on it, but the rio grande headwaters are right there and they are pretty good fishing. Mostly small fish and the water is more like a creek. I have never done it but you can drive to rio grande reservoir from there, I thinks it is around twenty miles from the top of the pass.

I have fished clear lake but its been a few years and it was on spinning gear, pretty good though quite a few little trout. My brother fished south mineral down the road from there last year and did farely well.

There are also molas and little molas lake, never fish them but they are right off the hiway and always have people fishing there so it must be OK. Andrew's lake is just north of DMR on coal bank pass and from there you can hike to crater lake. Both of these are on my to do list this fall.

The animas will be good by then.;)

Hope this is a little help

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