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    Default Boulder, Co and Vicinity

    I'll be traveling to Boulder Co from August 18 to 24. I would like to get some recommendations for areas to fish particularly in Boulder Canyon. References to milepost markers would be great. I have the local TU Boulder Canyon/South Boulder Canyon map.

    References to St. Vrains or other close-to-Boulder streams would be appreciated as well....I've read the general descriptions in the Fishing the Front Range books but would like to narrow the search to more specific spots... Thanks....

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    Default Re: Boulder, Co and Vicinity

    I live in Longmont, but mostly fish RMNP, so I can't help much with Boulder Creek.

    I would recommend contacting either Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop (Longmont) or Front Range Anglers (Boulder). Both shops should be able to give you some good specific information. Laughing Grizzly is my local shop and I am always impressed with the very specific information they provide.

    Also think about RMNP for a day trip. You are only 45 min to 1 hour away from the park and the overall experience of fishing in the park is terrific.


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    Default Re: Boulder, Co and Vicinity

    Thanks, Paul.... we are debating a day trip to RMNP to Morraine Park or a trip down to Deckers... Boulder Canyon is close enough to put in a few hours a day and still get all the family stuff in.... thanks again

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    Deckers always fishes well and has easy access to the river. Crowds can be an issue though. Sorry I don't know anything about Boulder Creek either.

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    Default Re: Boulder, Co and Vicinity

    I have fished Boulder Canyon a little bit over the years and find a number of small fish on each trip. I don't have any specific info concerning mile markers that I'd post on the internet though . The Front Range Anglers shop or the Rocky Mountain Anglers shop may be good bets for that info. My experience is that there are better fish to be caught right in town. If you don't mind an urban setting, park your car at the Library parking lot on Arapahoe and walk down to the creek just upstream from where Boulder Creek passes under Broadway. you can fish upstream through about 4th St. Be prepared for very slippery footing.

    Also you might want to check out the upper reaches of South Boulder Creek at the Boulder County Open Space property known as Walker Ranch
    Best of luck.

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