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Thread: What am I doing wrong?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by troutbum bk View Post
    out2trout- it is right next to evergreen lake. it can be crowded alot and there are mostly just smaller trout there, but it can be pretty good fly fishing
    Nice, I'll check it out! Thanks!

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    "I think the only things that has changed since I've been there last year is the drastic amount of rainfall. The water level is very high compared to what it's at last year and the flow is a lot faster too. I think this makes for a pretty bad fishing experience. I'm horrible at nymph fishing"

    Higher and off color water can be used to your advantage on bigger water by fishing close to the bank and use shorter casts. Fish are likely more concentrated along edges and seams where life is easier. If you can't see fish, they are less likely to see you and be spooky. Also, pick your spots to fish even if you can't see fish-Look at the picture on that first video- I like the spot right behind the fisherman down past the rocks below him- slower water, drops off deeper next to the rocks and appears to be close to midstream so a good opportunity for fish food to be channeled in. There's a fish in there- guarantee it! Put a decent presentation with a dry and a dropper ... Where is that spot? The more I look at it, I want to fish it.

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