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    Just a little report about the durango area lately....

    I haven' fished the animas for about a month, there was a large sewage leak in the river right in the middle of town and I have had no desire to get in it yet. I know its fine, but there are other places..

    two weeks ago I fished the upper piedra and had OK success on midges in the afternoon, the water is real warm and the fish are all in the fast stuff... No good pictures because it rained the whole time.

    Above the first fork bridge.

    Tried Andrews and Little molas lake with no luck..

    Did catch a few small ones in lime creek below the highway.

    This last weekend I fished Hermosa creek with a buddy of mine which was his first time fly fishing. Had a good time and he managed to catch a couple. TU and the CO DOW are restoring the native cutthroat trout population on the west fork(main) of hermosa creek right now and they had just killed all the fish which was kinda sad to see. there are dead fish everywhere, but I think it will be a good thing in the end. Fishing is still good on the east fork, and the project is supposed to be complete by 2014.

    Looking east on the east fork.

    Average for the last couple weeks.

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    Hello, JB

    Thanks for the report and I still remember fishing at the Hermosa Creek with my wife. I do not know much details about why they had to kill those fish but I hope that the current project may result in some good things at the end.

    You told me that people may love or hate San juan river. I belong to the former group. I love the river because it is so tricky and so I am thinking of tying size 24 and 26 in my preparation to go there sometime although I do not know when.

    I am still struggling to get over Colorado hangover. No wonder people move to Colorado when they retire.

    Be safe and someday I may see you in the river.

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