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Thread: Casper area carp

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    Default Casper area carp

    I'll be in the Casper area at the end of this week and was wondering about any carp water in the area. I'm considering checking out Alcova and Pathfinder but is it worth it without a boat? I'm most likely looking at about a half day so would like to stick closer to Casper if possible. Can anyone direct me to an area to try?

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    Default Re: Casper area carp

    Checkout the North Platte Fly Shop web site, they do guided Carp trips and provide some pretty good information on Carp fishing.
    Local Carp Fly Fishing Reports
    The chart says there is carp in Golden Eye Reservoir, it is 6.5 miles past Natrona on hwy 20/26, roughly 36 miles west of Casper.
    Here is some pretty good information on how to catch carp on a fly rod:
    How To Catch Carp On The Fly
    What days will you be in Casper? I have never fished for carp but have been interested in doing it sometime. If your interested, maybe we could fish together. Are you knowledgeable enough about carp fishing where we could use my boat or maybe we could check with the North Platte Fly Shop and split a guided trip if they have a day open.


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    I'll be in Casper Thursday morning through Friday evening for sure, and plan on leaving the area sometime on Saturday. When I leave Saturday depends on if I have anything to keep me there. I'd be happy to fish with you. I wouldn't say I'm knowledgable about carp though. I've done quite a bit of reading on the subject but haven't had a lot of luck. I'd be interested in either fishing option but it looks like I'll only have a half day to dedicate to it.


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