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  1. Default Fishing in Missoula, MT anyone?

    I lived in MT from 78-89...and would move back in a heartbeat but life kinda gets in the way, which is ok. Anyone fish rock creek, rattlesnake creek, blackfoot, clark fork? Would love to hear about it. Use to live across the street from Rattlesnake Creek on Redwood Drive.
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  2. Default Re: Fishing in Missoula, MT anyone?

    I haven't fished there... yet. My wife and I are planning on heading up to Missoula next summer to check the place out as we plan to relocate from... you guessed it- Memphis. I'm really looking forward to our trip. I plan to do as much fishing as humanly possible and maybe find a new home. Any tips or thoughts on the area would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Fishing in Missoula, MT anyone?

    I have fished Rock Creek 2 or 3 times, always enjoyed it enough that I would go back. Suggest you check to verify that it is available, could be closed due to local fires.
    Have also fished the Blackfoot a few times, with good results. This was several years ago and I understand there has been an aggressive program by TU etc. to make things even better. The beauty of the area along with good fishing made the experience a memorable one for me. Suggest checking fire activity near the Blackfoot also. Best of luck, you would have to work hard NOT to enjoy Montana.

  4. Default Re: Fishing in Missoula, MT anyone?

    I grew up in Missoula and i miss every moment there. i didnt get into fly fishing until just recently but i had done it a couple of time's out past florence in ravali county. there is a horse trail that you can take on one of the mountain sides that takes you 13 miles back and then some. the stream that runs by the trail is a decent size stream and runs off from a lake up there and we had alot of luck on both bodies of water. I grew up fishing on the bitteroot and clark fork, and multiple lakes all over the country. and to reply to memphis if you are looking for a home aaround missoula its a great place, its just a growing city, my personal pref is out in lolo/florence area but if you want to live closer to the city linda vista and south hills are wonderful and nice places, but some homes in that area are expensive. but if you are looking for a town house then there are some down on third street close to campus and downtown. my father just bought a couple and are renting them out. just some info. wonderful hearing from fellow montanans.

  5. Default Re: Fishing in Missoula, MT anyone?

    Haven't fished in and around Missoula since 2003, but being from there originally, I miss the hell out of it. Tried to convince my wife she whould try to get her graduate degree at U of M, because I knew once I got her there she would not want to leave. Hope to go back next summer and fish in the northwest around the Kootenei.

  6. Default Re: Fishing in Missoula, MT anyone?

    Missoula's Clarkfork River is polluted from 100 years of mine tailings form the Butte copper mine(Berkley Pit). A damn 7 miles up river from Missoula was removed in early spring of 08 washing tons of sediments and tailings down river. No telling what is will do to fish habitat.

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