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Thread: South Platte River

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    Looks as if I am going to be in Colorado in mid-September. Looking at Internet, it seems that the South Platte will be my best shot at some action. Since I will be shore or shallow wading, I need some suggestions as to good spots and what flies maybe useful. I will be catching and releasing, so areas restricted to c&r will be appreciated. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    You might try contacting John Perizzolo. He lives in Bailey Co. which is near part of the South Platte.

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    Hey Cowboy;

    The South Platte is a fine piece of water. I always enjoy fishing it. For information, check out Anglers Covey in Co. Springs; they can set you up with the proper flies. Spinney Mtn section is not too dificult to get to and it is a tailwater fishery; nice big meanders and open meadows. Cheeseman Cyn is a hike in but the fish there are legendary. Deckers is the easiest to get to and therefore the most crowded, swimmers and such. What part of Colorado will you be staying at?

    Have fun fishing and let us know how it goes.
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    The section of river between Spinney and Elevenmile reservoirs is tip-top wonderful, and there's some great spots closer to Hartsel, CO above Spinney as well. I can't recall how to find the spots where you can access the river above Spinney, and I DO RECOMMEND you get some advice on how to do so legally, but the info is definitely given out by shops in the area. The river there meanders through the meadow and the trout aren't huge, but there's plenty, and its a much more serene setting than the busier rivers in the area.

    Keep in mind that in that area, you'll be at very high elevation and on a wide open plateau, so wind can be harsh, and weather can change at a moments notice. Even if it starts out at 70 degrees, you should have gear with you to keep you comfortable in sideways snow.

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    Hey Cowboy,

    I have to agree with Bigcliff on the area above Spinney. The forks coming into Antero Res. are very nice to fish; not crowded at all and the fish are there. There is also Tomahawk Wildlife Area that one of the tributaries run through; short hike but very nice fishing. Antero used to be closed for some reason so I can't give up to date fishing on it.
    Living large in the Southwest.

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    My dad and I are planning a trip to the South platte in late March, are there any tips or advice you could give us on what areas ro fish or maybe what hatch may be coming on during that time, flies etc. We have fished Colorado quite a bit, but mostly in the Gunnison area. Any advice you could give us would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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