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    Default South Boulder Creek (Colorado) - trip report

    Had a great day fishing South Boulder Creek today. The temps have been very agreeable along the Front Range the past week, and there was quite a bit of midges flying around the water surface. I am just beginning to learn how to nymph effectively and I had a pretty productive day. I tied on a "topwater midge" dry fly and a little black zebra midge beadhead dropper and had lots of luck prospecting around in the low flows. The water level is the lowest I've ever seen it. They jumped all over both the dry and the dropper.......I pulled out 8-9 rainbows and browns in three hours. I pinched down the barb on the zebra midge, and I lost 3-4 fish including what would have been my nicest fish of the day.

    I accessed the creek inside of the Walker Ranch Open Space. I parked at Crescent Meadows and walked the .75 mile down to the creek and fished from the bridge to the private land a half mile upstream. Again the flows are low and there are good numbers of rainbows and browns in each little run. It's a perfect little stream close to Denver that doesn't get fished that hard. My largest fish today was just an 8-9" bow but I've caught browns up to 12" before and there are even nicer fish around supposedly.

    I used to always think this was a hike-in only stretch of water, but evidently there is a parking lot within a hundred yards of the water. I talked with another angler (the only other one I saw on the water today) and he said there is a secluded parking lot off of Gross Dam Rd where it parallels the water for a short bit.

    One of a handful of holes I fished

    little fella

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    Default Re: South Boulder Creek (Colorado) - trip report

    I fished another front range creek and found zebra midge's successful. Saw,lots of fish and landed a nice rainbow on a zebra midge emerger. The emerging midge's were everywhere though sadly all mine ended up on trees and underwater. Great to be out.

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