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    Default fishing near Ft. Collins, Co.--where to go?

    Here's the basic scoop: I'll be in Ft. Collins to do a wedding June 16th and hope to fish the mountains the next day. My hope is to do the wedding and then get out of the motel early and head for the water/mountains as early as possible. Find a campground somewhere, set up a tent for a night, and then hit the water for the rest of the day.

    I don't have to be camped on the water, so a drive from camp is ok. A mile or two hike is ok, too, though I won't have time or the physical stamina to go way off the beaten path.

    1.) Any suggestions on where to camp and fish?

    2.) I have felt soles. Are they ok in Colorado? (By then it will have been 11 months since they were last used, and I intend to stay in one body of water while in Colorado).
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    Default Re: fishing near Ft. Collins, Co.--where to go?

    Rocky Mountain National Park
    Plenty of camping and fishing in the park. If you google it, you can find info on it with maps and campground info.

    Great opportunity to chase some nice brookies, bows and brownies.

    Felt soles are fine in CO.

    If you want to stay closer to FTC, you could fish the Big Thompson and the Poudre. There's lots of "road side" campgrounds available.
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    Default Re: fishing near Ft. Collins, Co.--where to go?

    So couple things to consider

    If you are trying to make a 1 night "reservation" at a campground in June that will be tough. Dont be discouraged however there are lots of campsites up the Poudre straight up out of Fort Collins. Some of the camp sites are a little rough as far as the ambiance associated with your fellow campers. The smaller sites are better but the big ones leave a little to be desire.

    Check out this site as well as the National Forest Service site for the area
    Camping on the Cache La Poudre River in Colorado

    My favorite is Big Bend way up the canyon but it is small and right on the river and first come first serve. Also a ways further up is State Forest State Park with a lot of small lakes and a few high country rivers such as the North Michigan.This is a beautiful area and the odds are real likely you will fish amongst the company of Elk and Moose.

    Check the flows since June is typically runoff so the Poudre down low runs real fast. You might need to venture down to the Big Thompson out of Loveland since it is a tailwater and flows will be more consistent.

    Another wild option is head an hour North to Laramie and a little west for some secluded small stream fishing. There is a fly shop in Laramie that will tell you the creeks and campgrounds if you call them and ask.
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    Default Re: fishing near Ft. Collins, Co.--where to go?

    This is all good advice. Thanks a million.

  5. Default Re: fishing near Ft. Collins, Co.--where to go?

    Runoff is looking to be pretty weak this year, and could possibly be done by the 16th. Usually it is not but we had so little snow in the high country this year. I wasn't comfortable wading the poudre last year till august! I have had luck getting campsites at sleeping elephant on a one night basis, but there is some rare(for the poudre) private water around that site, so you may have to camp and drive till the next pull off. Joe wright resevoir is not to far west, right on 14 if you want to have fun catching greyling on the surface.

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