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fredaevans 04-12-2012 01:03 PM

Bitterroot river update.
Spring brings nymph frenzy on area rivers

dean_mt 04-12-2012 03:09 PM

Re: Bitterroot river update.

Originally Posted by fredaevans (Post 430923)

Fred, just curious, why do you read the Ravalli Republic everyday? Do you have roots over here?

I was wading a side channel of the Bitterroot last weekend and experienced a really nice BWO hatch, really nice hatch. And not a single fish rising to naturals or my imitation. The come other mayflies showed up, either March Browns or small Drakes and I picked a couple fish, one I lost the other I broke off.

The early spring fishing was really off this year. Getting out to wade just about anywhere on the Root in March is generally an absolute. But the flows have been really unstable since St. Patty's day. Last weekend was the best conditions yet; stable, dropping flows, warm days and nights with overcast skies. Perfect. The guys that floated on Sunday and Monday had epic fishing no doubt. Then it hit 70 on Tuesday and we're on the verge of blowout.

But three good water years in a row is hard to complain about. The fish are healthy and happy!

fredaevans 04-12-2012 03:26 PM

Re: Bitterroot river update.
Answer to 'do you read every day,' the answer is yes. Made two trips over there last fall (first a week and LOVED IT, the second time back was two weeks) and got used to reading their local paper.

No 'legal family' there, but past ... yes (they moved there).

But the best reads on the Internet (you have no idea how many I subscribe too:eek:) are the local news papers and International Additions of several major ones. Either way, you'll get perspectives you'd never dream about but (in my line of business) need to know.

With 'Murican newspapers/TV you could choose any and get the same article/news "regurgitated" over and over. Reading elsewhere can be a real eye-opener.

I kid you not.:eek:


Edit: Forgot to add .... the weather that comes over my head here in 'Medford, Or' is (usually) headed your way. If you get, what we just got .... you're about to get pounded! I'm at 1360'ish feet, add 500 some to that and everything is white. Wind blew so hard last night it actually woke up the Dogs, who woke me (darn them, I was beat but needed to get up anyway).

comeonavs 04-13-2012 07:48 AM

Re: Bitterroot river update.
See and I always read what Fred writes because I was born and raised in Medford Oregon. Even though I love living in Colorado now I daydream about flyfishing for Steelhead on the Rogue or Umpqua. My dad still has a second home just outside of Bend and one of these years I will make it back to fish the Deschutes and other beautiful Central Oregon rivers.:D

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