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  1. Default Montana in August

    I'm planning a trip to Montana for about 2 weeks around mid-August. I live in Portland, Oregon and will be going with my wife, who does some flyfishing, but is probably as interested in just being out in nature as in flyfishing.

    We'll drive, probably via Spokane, through Missoula, and mostly stay in motels. I'm not counting the driving time in the 2 weeks. I did a little fishing on the Bitterroot, Big Hole, Madison and in Yellowstone NP some years back. This trip I would like to take more time and hit more of the major rivers.

    I prefer to fish dries if I can be successful but have no problem with nymphs etc. if that's the best way to catch good fish. Here are the rivers I am considering:

    Rock Creek, Madison, Gallatin, Yellowstone, Beaverhead, Big Hole, Big Horn, Missouri. I also might want to fish a day in YNP.

    Is this too many rivers in a two week period? I am thinking I might need to narrow the list down a bit.

    My thought was to do a one day guided float on each of the following: Madison, Yellowstone, Beaverhead, Big Horn and Missouri. In addition I was planning to wade fish the Madison as well as the rivers we don't float like Rock Creek, Gallatin and Big Hole. My wife is not a great caster. Are the Beaverhead, Missouri and Big Horn likely to be too technical for her to catch some fish and have fun?

    Also, the Big Horn (and to some extent the Missouri) is a longer drive for us than the SW Montana rivers. Is it worth the extra travel? I know these rivers are supposed to have great fishing.

    I'm trying to come up with a reasonable plan with some variety but I also don't want to spend most of our time racing from one spot to the next.

    I would appreciate any input from you Montana experts.

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    Default Re: Montana in August

    That seems like a good plan.

    I like for my guided trips.

  3. Default Re: Montana in August

    Hell take a month long journey and hit all of them! if only, come on retirement!
    Live to fish, Fish to live

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    Default Re: Montana in August

    Don't forget to stop at Simms in Bozeman

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    Default Re: Montana in August

    Looks like you have done your homework.

    Rock Creek in August should be prime. I can easily spend a whole week there.

    For walk/ wading the Madison, there are two great sections- between Hebgen and Quake lakes, and the braids at Ennis.

    As to the Beaverhead, I only fished it once. Age 26, and I hired the late great Al Troth to float me down the river at O- dark- thirty in the AM. Huge bows came to every good cast. But that was 1972.

    The Gallatin is maybe the best walk/ wade river in SW Montana. Lots of access and an easy river to read.

    Save the Big hole, Yellowstone, Missouri, and Big Horn for guided float trips.

    The Gibbon in the upper meadows in the park is so sweet you might cry in its beauty. Carry bear/moose spray.


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    Default Re: Montana in August

    August could be the wild-card here.. depending on how fats the snow melts and how the water is. You'll only know as it gets closer. You just may have to alter your plans a bit.

    There's a couple cities you could stay in for 2 or 3 or 100 days to fish the area waters: Missoula, Dillon, Bozeman, BigSky, Ennis.. then West Yellowstone or Gardiner. Pick a city.. then look for fishing easily reached from there

    I'd narrow it down based on how much you want to drive around.. then fill in the rivers.

    Specific Rivers

    Beaverhead is a great river. My wife and I go with a guide on it every year for the last 10+. It's not what I would call technical fishing, your wife will have a great time. It's not a very accessible wading river, but there are a few spots to get into, depending on water flow.

    Missouri, I haven't fished it much, (which I will correct) but it should be fine as well.

    Big Hole you might throw into the float category too.. Have a guide one day.. wade fish it for a few days after that?

    Gallatin... ok .. I'm biased, it does have great wade access, and different stretches look like different rivers

    Troutfitters.. has the best on-line fishing reports around

  7. Default Re: Montana in August

    Thanks for the responses! Sounds like my general approach is workable. I was planning to target a few places to stay for 2-3 days at a time and fish from there.

    On the water issue that Dave raised: are you saying that low water could be a problem? I see the western Montana snowpack is slightly below average.

    Thanks for the info on the Beaverhead. I think we'll try a float there and perhaps stay in Dillon.

    My prior fishing on the Big Hole was on the upper river where I caught grayling and brook trout while wade fishing. Sounds like further downstream a boat is needed.

    Anyone have feedback on the Big Horn? I'm wondering if it's worth the extra driving.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Bighorn River;

    We have a member named Eric, The North American Fly Fishing Forum - View Profile: bighorn flies who lives there and fishes it a lot. Send a private message and ask him about August there.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Montana in August

    Quote Originally Posted by bowmanh View Post
    On the water issue that Dave raised: are you saying that low water could be a problem? I see the western Montana snowpack is slightly below average.
    I'm not saying that will be the case.. but.. it's always something to keep in mind. I think we're all caught up right now - probably depends on the river system

    For Dillon: Check in at Frontier Anglers.. for other places nearby that are wadeable too. (Big Hole, Ruby, Pointexter.. and others)

    Anything Big Horn.. I'd ask Eric too!

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    Default Re: Montana in August

    Wow man, that is a great plan! I am jealous and I live here!

    Great idea to be guided on the larger rivers. As Dave mentioned, mid-August can be a red-flag, but we have a really good snow pack here in the Western part of the state, looks like the summer will be fine...but you really never know until after runoff.

    The tailwaters will fish no matter what. The Missouri is not really out of the way and well worth the few extra miles to be guided down. The fishing can be technical, but it can also be surprisingly easy with a good Hopper summer or strong caddis or PMD hatches and a good guide. The Bighorn is definitely out of the way. It is another couple hundred miles from the furthest East you have mentioned, Bozeman/YNP area. And it is the ONLY trout fishery for those couple hundred miles. That said, I went down there for the first and only time last Easter Sunday with my father in law, (they live in Billings) to get out of the house for a while and just see is an amazing looking river. We only fished for an hour or so but I really want to go's just so damn far I don't know when I ever will.

    Guide the Beaverhead, too, a lot of fish, a lot of big fish! The Big Hole is one of my very favorite wading rivers. Rock Creek will be in good shape, nice place to stay for a night or two.

    As Dave said, go to Twin Bridges. That is a trout mecca, Big Hole and Beaverhead come together there to from the Jefferson, which depending on the level could be good. Ruby is lots of fun.

    If you are going to fish only a couple of the Missoula area rivers, and where going to splurge for a guide here, I recommend passing up the Bitterroot that time of the year and going down the lower Clark Fork. It's a sleeper.

    Keep in touch, this trip has got me all excited. This weekend might be the last chance for Missoula fishing for a while, it's expected to hit 80 on Sunday and the snow is gonna come down fast! Dave, when are we going to meet at the Missouri? I'll buy shuttles and beer and lunch!

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