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joerouse 05-19-2012 09:37 PM

South Boulder Creek
Had this year's best day of fishing on South Boulder Creek today! Fished all alone for 3 hours just below Gross Dam and pulled beautiful Rainbows and Browns from almost every hole/seam on the river. This was my first time fishing this river and the experience has left me with some questions.

The rainbows in this water were among the most vividly colored I've seen in Colorado. The pic posted is of one of these, but is a smaller one, was taken using my phone, and does no justice to how they actually looked. Anybody know anything about the particular type of fish in this Creek? Are they wild/stocked? Is their color a species or environmental thing, etc?

Also, I was surprised by the size of the fish I was catching. Unless what I was experiencing was a fluke, there seem to be a ton of 15+ inch fish in this river. I caught fish today that were bigger and healthier than anything I've ever seen on Clear Creek or Bear Creek (I fish both of these often, and assumed, incorrectly, that South Boulder Creek was similar). What's the deal with this? Or am I just not fishing in the right spots?

Finally, I cannot wait to get back on this water! I fished the first 1/4 mile of public water below the dam today. I'm heading back tomorrow to continue working downstream towards El Dorado Canyon. Any tips about this section of the river? And hows the fishing above Gross Reservoir? Are there accessible portions I should be checking out?


cgrphoto 06-22-2012 11:43 AM

Re: South Boulder Creek
Joseph, thought I'd chime in here. I'm just thinking with most tailwaters, you're going to find bigger fish closer to the dam, as they are feeding on the biology that comes from the bottom of the reservoir. In my experiences fishing Dream Stream, Blue River, Taylor, etc - the bigger fish are always closer to their respective dams.

I can't speak for the type of trout, whether they are stockies or wild, but it seems that due to the arrival of an early spring this year, the fish are abundant and eating like crazy - the result of not having blown-out streams possibly?

Personally, I have never fished SBC, however I'd like to check out the section just below Pinecliffe off the RR tracks (if you can access this).

Tight Lines.

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