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    I have reviewed all the recent post re: Colorado. For the past 20 years I have fished MT/WY but this is only my 2nd trip to CO (fished Cheesman and Deckers areas 1st trip). Unlike my MT/WY trips, this trip I will only have 1 day to fish. I will be in the RMNP area (probably Estes Park). Don't mind getting an early start and driving within 2 hrs if needed. Targeting bigger trout is not an absolute requirement, but a plus. Prefer to fish moving waters (not stillwaters) this trip. Don't mind hiking a few miles if it gets me to areas with less pressure. Could head into RMNP and hopefully catch my first Greenback Cutt....or fish outside RMNP.

    Based on that, if you only had 1 day to stand in a stream or river in CO where would you suggest? Please PM if prefered. Much appreciated.

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    If no one sends specific sites, call kirk's fly shop in estes park and tell them you're wondering about a spot for a hike and cutties. I don't know the area well enough myself, but have found them helpful.

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    you could try the big thompson tailwater out of lakes estes, i heard there are some big fish in that section. I am pretty sure it is a fee area. If it is during the week go for it, weekend, avoid it like the plague.

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    Thanks for the replies so far......when fishing new area's we do try to stop in the local shops. We will pick up a few flies, a new leader or two and maybe a logo hat. I don't know, maybe its just me, but I am not real comfortable walking into a local shop just to get local information and then not at least buy something. This is especially true when I am not hiring a guide, and odds are it maybe a once in a lifetime trip to that area. The other problem is I have more stuff than I can carry to the river or use already, and really don't need to buy anything to push into another pocket or fill a 6th fly box! On this Colorado trip, we really only have the 1 day -- if I had a typical 8-10 days it would be different.

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