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Thread: Colorado Trip

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    Default Colorado Trip

    I'm going to Colorado in late August to meet a friend and we are driving down to New Mexico and fishing the San Juan River for a few days.

    When that's done I'm thinking of staying over and fly fishing in Colorado and one place of interest is Spinney Reservoir. I'm driving so I'm thinking of taking a belly boat and hitting a few reservoirs. I lived in Colorado for 21 years and fly fished all over the state and a favorite was Spinney Reservoir. The fishing was incredible for 1992 to 1996 and then Pike in the late started wiping out the trout population. I've heard that the Colorado Division of Wildlife worked hard to solve the pike problem and that it got better for a while. So I was wondering if it's still worth a visit to Spinney or does it have Pike problems again.

    I'm also asking for information other good lakes or Reservoirs to fish while I'm there. The reason for asking is I moved to Arkansas in 2002 and so I hear conflicting reports on Spinney.

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    Default Re: Colorado Trip

    I've never fished there but here is what the Orvis Fishing Report says:
    Spinney Reservoir | Colorado Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions

    Here is what Cutthroat Anglers says:
    Spinney Mountain Reservoir - River & Lake Info - Cutthroat Anglers

    Here is what the Chaparral General Store says:
    Chaparral Park General Store

    Here is what the Colorado Division of Wildlife says:
    Statewide Conditions*

    You might also be interested in fishing the Delaney Buttes lakes, just west of Walden, CO.
    Here is what North Park Anglers says:
    North Park Anglers

    Good luck and be sure to post a trip report to let us know how your trip went.


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