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    I need a little help. I am from the ms gulf coast and my wife and I are going to Montana for the first time. We are staying up around Columbia falls for about five days and then driving down to missoula for two or three. We are planning on getting a guide and flyfishing somewhere around missoula. If we have a free day around glacier national park I would like to rent some equipment and try it some there. Any tips or advice will be appreciated. We have never done this type of fishing. Just want to see that beautiful scenery and catching a few fish would be great.

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    We are going at the beginning of august.

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    If you hire a Guide he/she will have the equipment so no worry there. That said, you can purchase a very good 5wt rod/reel/etc., from Cabala's 'all in' kits for peanuts. And the good news is they're actually very good bits 'o kit. And it's yours.

    Can't speak to your primary destination but in/around Missoula you've got 5 rivers within an hours drive from your motel room. Miles of easy (right off the road) access, etc.

    There are several good 'Fishing Montana' type books but one of the best is ... drum beat please ..... Montana's fishing regs publication. No kidding. Very good maps showing public access points, etc. (You can go on line and print this up for the cost of the paper in your printer. And what the heck, you're going to need it anyway.)

    Montana's one BIG State with thousands of good places to fish be it for the day or just a 'pull over' and give it an hour. Pick a couple of rivers/streams and concentrate on them, and give yourself another good reason to come back.

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    Always enjoyed Rock Creek when in that part of the state.

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    Rock creek and the blackfoot are two good choices in the missoula area. Also the clark fork and bitteroot. Stop by any of the fly shops, they'll point you in the right direction.

    In the whitefish area there are a lot of lakes and small creeks. Just get a good map and start looking. If you want to know what is in a body of water you find on a map you can see what fish are in it here. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks :: Montana Fisheries Information System (MFISH) just search the waterbody and select the parameters you wish to know. I find that little tool extremely helpful.

    Flathead river to the east and the kootenai to the west. The kootenai is a bigger river but has some big fish. The Flathead can have some nice fish in it and is a bit easier to fish in my opinion. The swan river to the south can be a good place to fish I have heard but have never personally fished it.

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    I lived in Whitefish (just outside of Columbia falls) MT for years…. But I moved 10 years ago. The North Fork of the flathead (the western boundary of Glacier National Park) is a good fishery. Not huge fish, not huge numbers of fish, but easily accessible from Columbia Falls and the fish are eager to take a fly. The scenery is great. The middle fork is also a good option, many places to access the river from the main rd. There are a few shops in Whitefish that will rent rods, etc. There is also fishing in the park, small fish but again, eager to eat your fly.

    I would check out either: fly fishing whitefish montana, fly fishing montana or Whitefish Montana Fly Fishing Orvis Shop | Flyfishing Tackle | Fishing Guide

    Good luck.

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