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    I知 going to be at the Gros Ventre campground for 5 days, the week after Jul-04. I知 looking to do some fishing at the campground, as well as elsewhere in the GTNP. I致e done a little fly fishing over the years, but really am a beginner. I have decent waders, 4/5 outfit and float tube. Any recommended spots, techniques or flies to share?

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    It's your lucky day...I have been there the past two days, and it has been on fire. In 6 hours of fishing i landed 30+ cuttys. Several large fish for that watershed, in the 18-19" range.

    Be sure you have a net with you. Lost the biggest one cause the net was in the truck today and i couldn't get downstream fast enough.

    Yellow Sally Stonefly through riffle tails and merging seams, and baetis/march browns in the slack water and back eddies. Saw a few golden stones, but only a few (5).
    Seek out the water you are comfortable with, and be patient. There are risers from the bridge off of the highway to Kelly. Also, watch out for moose. they are everywhere in the cottonwoods. Have FUN! Benji

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    Thanks for the report. I知 looking at Google maps, are you talking about that ~1/2 miles stretch just above Kelly? Looks like a long walk, or a 5 min drive from the campground. Looking forward to seeing it myself!

    BYW - I just looked at the Wyoming fishing regulations. For non residents, it looks like they have a one day permit for $14- or a full year for $94, nothing in between. I値l be there 6 full days. The plan was to fish an hour or two each day (morning or evening), and then go sightseeing in between. Looks like I値l have to plan more precisely which days I値l fish, and make the most of those days (too bad they don稚 offer a 7 day permit (for ~$50-).

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