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Thread: Headed to Estes Park

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    Well this is it! I'm leaving for Estes Park Saturday morning. Took off work tomorrow to have to time to gather gear that is in no way organized. (I know, such a procrastinator!)

    We are staying 7 days about 2 miles down the canyon from the Lake Estes Dam. The house sits on the Big T, as in, it runs through the front yard

    Things already planned:
    - 8 hour trip with Scot's to help get my dad and father in law more familiar with fly fishing and area.
    - Planning on hiking up to Sky Pond and Glass Lake at some point being sure to start early to get a parking spot at Bear. Will probably hit whatever else we see along the way.

    Any last minutes suggestions or advice? I have been up there several times. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on weather, fishing conditions, must hit spots, etc.?

    I do have one specific question as well: Is there an area and or fly that would be a good go to for a beginner to use that may not be very conventional or "natural", but would catch fish well? Like san juan worms in the park, or do y2k's work for just catching a good number of fish? Don't care about size. just want a sure fire go to, that will get some beginners hooked up.


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    The monsoon flow has begun so make sure you keep your eyes to the sky especially up at the lakes. That area had a super soaker yesterday, so be careful on streams that could flash flood.

    Just below the dam - not far from your house - is fairly productive, but it sounds like you have decent river access at the house, so you may not have to go very far.

    Good luck and enjoy the mountains!

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    +1 on keeping an eye on the weather. There is a flash flood warning in effect until 4:00pm this afternoon for central Larimer. Probably will have similar weather over the weekend.

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    Well shoot, thats not exactaly what I wanted to hear. I hope we will get SOME dry days at least. Later in the week looks like it might be ok.

    Guess I should have some pink San Juans and Y2K's ready if the water gets murky?

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    mtbrider, you should be dry in the morning-1pm timeframe. Storms typically build up during early afternoon on into the evening.

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    That's good to know. Any recommendations on how to fish just before or after rain? Or is it even worth it?
    The house we are staying at is on the river so we'll have easy access, so I might just give it a shot. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks!

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    Yes the monsoons are here, but that doesn't mean you'll be ducking for cover all the time. Just keep the rain gear handy and be ready to slip it on with only short notice. Up at the high lakes, lightning will become an issue. Although bear paranoia seems to be rampant on these forums, lightning is the true danger for anglers in the Rockies If you are up at an exposed high lake like Lake of Glass or Sky Pond, descend into cover at the first hint of a lightning storm. Do not fret about running into cover during times of good fishing. Electrical storms come and go so quickly, you'll be back on the water in no time.

    Standard procedure for this time of year is.......mornings are calm and sunny. After lunch time, the winds pick up and then by 3-5pm the electical storms blow through with terrific force. At the blink of an eye, the thunderstorms disappear and it's blissful evening fishing until sundown. Enjoy the fishing and the Park!!!

    Oh and as far as flies go for the high lakes. Midges, griffith's gnats, and ant/beetles. And elk hair caddis and parachute adams go without saying. During non-hatch times, go with wooly worms, scuds, and buggers. When there is no activity on top, I always go with prospecting orange and olive colored scuds.

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